The Bee’s Knees

Hey there, I’m Janelle AKA The Bee Keeper Gal, a twenty-six year old bee keeper in training. I’m starting out with almost zero knowledge on bee keeping, BUT I hope to learn from my Dad. We’re looking into books, conferences and courses.

As I learn, I’m documenting all the buzz.

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  • Winter Woes

    September 28, 2019 by

    Winter is fast approaching. It’s only a few days into our official Canadian fall and there is already snow flying around. Our two hives out in Thorhild are looking good, but if you’re following along on Instagram, @thebeekeepergal, then you know that our at home hive is not looking as hot. While the bees have… Read more

  • “A” Is For Apiary

    August 22, 2019 by

    Bee keeping goal of the week: research The goal this week is to start the research part of this new adventure. Somehow I’m still excited about learning about bee keeping despite the fact that it still looks like I’ve had dental surgery (the swelling isn’t going away!). I can’t quit now anyways because I’ve spent… Read more

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